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The mind behind the words

First off, I want to introduce myself to this blog world. I want to put my thoughts into words and allow others to take a look into what it may be like to live in my head. My name is Johanna and I am an Island girl, from the East Coast of Canada, Prince Edward Island. I was born and raised in PEI but recently took the leap and moved to Ontario with my boyfriend! I am a very family oriented individual, I love my family and friends with all my heart. I also love being outside, playing sports, and taking photos of nature. If I’m not outside enjoying the sun, you can probably find me at the gym, taking photos, or reading a book.

This is a personal blog, so please don’t expect much in the sense of How To’s, DIY’s, etc. I mean, maybe one day I’ll figure those out but for now, this is all for fun! You’ll find a few different categories under the blog section… Travel, pretty self explanatory. I’ll post travels; from taking an airplane somewhere, traveling back home, and even just a camping trip 2 hours away. Gardening, well this one could be interesting. My boyfriend and I have joined a Community Garden and we’re FIRST TIME gardeners. So there may be some hilarious failures and hopefully a few (many) successes. And then there’s Personal. Here you’ll find some more intimate posts about how I’m feeling, what I’ve been getting up to, and just anything that’s on my mind. Let’s dive into the personal side for a second before I wrap this up…

As you know, I recently moved away from home. Moving away, it’s bittersweet. And a double ended sword if you will. There’s no perfect scenario. Someone inevitably has to uproot their life to be with the person they want to spend their life with. It’s sacrifice, it’s willingness, it’s love, it’s patience; it’s beautiful and ugly all at the same time. I want all in and I’m willing to make these sacrifices. But that doesn’t mean I’ll sugar coat it and say it’s easy because some days, it’s not. It can be really hard. Just like they always say “you have to choose your hard” and this is the choice I made and I’m so glad it’s my choice and so happy about it!

Please follow along with me on this beautifully ugly roller coaster of a journey and see where it takes us!!

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