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High heels vs Hightops

This post isn’t about how girly you are but what situation is it appropriate to wear your Hightops and when you should be wearing your high heels.

First thing in the morning I make a decision on what shoes I’m going to wear based on what my plans are for that day. 90% of the time I’m off to work and that’s when I want to be comfortable. My next decision is which Hightops to wear, this is based on what the weather is looking like and what I plan to wear that day. Continue reading High heels vs Hightops

365 Notes


I have always wanted to do this but never dedicated enough time for it. With getting myself ready to ship my boxes home I thought now is the best time to do it. I plan to complete writing the 365 notes and then I ship it home and along with all my other possessions when I finally open the jar I will have something interesting to share with my family and it will prompt many a conversation on what I have written.

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Quotes To Live By


Some people live by quotes and others don’t. I always wonder what is it about a group of words made into a sentence that makes such a big difference in some people’s lives. Is it that when you put the words together they hold a greater meaning? I believe that quotes encourage your brain to start analysing the words and finding what it means to you personally.

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