Quotes To Live By


Some people live by quotes and others don’t. I always wonder what is it about a group of words made into a sentence that makes such a big difference in some people’s lives. Is it that when you put the words together they hold a greater meaning? I believe that quotes encourage your brain to start analysing the words and finding what it means to you personally.

The quotes that most people know and can quite easily tell you at the drop of a hat are;

  • carpe diem, better known as seize the day
  • never say never
  • stay strong
  • don’t forget to smile
  • live, love, laugh
  • beauty is in the eye of the beholder

I know for most people they have that one quote that always use, as a result of someone in their life repeatedly telling them said quote or they may love a random line out of a movie. I know that when I’m feeling a little down I normally head online and start looking up quotes to either inspire me or just to make me feel a little better about myself. When I don’t know how to express how I am feeling I normally turn to music or quotes. There is definitely something about reading quote after quote that no matter how bad I am feeling I seem to cheer up a little. I also try to find a hidden gem when looking for quotes; I want something a little more personal and not well known.

I was looking for a quote that meant something to me before I moved to London. I did what any other Generation Y would do; I went to Google and searched the internet. I originally looked up quotes and then starting to branch out from there into ‘inspiring quotes’, ‘quotes to live by’ and so on. In the months leading up to me moving I bought myself an iPad so I could Skype my family easily but also to have a tablet for my personal day to say use. When purchasing my iPad I was offered a free engraving service, this was when I decided I needed a quote that meant a great deal to me or that inspired me to continue following my dreams. After being inspired by the many quotes you can find online I adapted one into something for myself; “Never let fear stop you from chasing your dreams”. I really needed this quote when I first moved to London, I find it ironic that I carry my iPad (with the quote on the back) pretty much everywhere I go but I still let a hard time in London earlier this year nearly make me give up on my dreams of living and working overseas but most importantly in London.

I know that for some they feel so passionate about a quote that they go and get it permanently inked on their bodies; I have only made the commitment of getting my quote inscribed onto my iPad and its cover. I admit that I don’t always live my life by quotes but use them to enhance and encourage my train of thought and maybe challenge my ideas on life. I would love to hear what quotes you may live by or use to help you in certain situations.

Talk soon, Sarah x

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