We Are Yours To Keep

For my birthday back in 2013 my dad wrote me a poem. I celebrated my birthday a week before I moved to London and it would be the last one we celebrated together for two years.

You are a Princess in both our beating hearts,
We care for you so much,
We love the fondness in your eyes,
And the tenderness of your touch.

We looked at you when you were born,
And we knew straight away.
That we would be forever here,
To watch you grow and play.

You bring to us a heart of joy,
And memories so great,
As well as a powerful sense,
Of parenthood no one else can debate.

We have watched you sleep and dream,
Of things we can only wonder,
That innocent look upon your face,
Just makes our hearts grow fonder.

We have seen you run and jump,
And call out our names,
No love that we have ever known,
Could ever feel the same,

No distance, no country or even pouring rain,
Can ever over shadow the bond,
that we retain.
And when you travel across the world,

Remember all of us and keep in touch,
To share your travels and experiences too.
And so my Princess before you go to sleep,
Remember all of us,

As we are all yours to keep.

Love Dad xxxx

Throwback – Final Countdown

This post is looking back on my steps to the big move to the UK.

10/0713 – I started counting down to the “big move” it was 2 months until my flight to the other side of the world to start an unforgettable adventure.

image London 😍

It seems so surreal that I only had 2 months left with my family and friends in Sydney. There was still plenty of things I wanted to do before I moved to London.

12/07/13 – I sent off my visa application, I was extremely nervous when sending this off, that I gave it a good luck kiss. I placed the envelope in the mail and just hoped for the best. It was going to be a long two week wait, to find out if I was granted my visa.

23/07/13 – I picked the mail up from the post office. Amongst the mail was an express post letter addressed to me. I was extremely excited but nervous what it contained inside. I opened the envelope but found only my passport inside. I was confused there was nothing else with my passport letting me know if I was granted my visa, on closer inspection I found my visa stamped inside. It was official I had a VISA to work and live in the UK.

My visa was a Tier 5 – Youth Mobility Visa, it was a two year visa that allowed me to live and work in the UK but I could also enter and exit the country with no restrictions. Of course being the smart young adult I was when applying for my visa, I did not know when the start date should be for my visa. I chose my birthday, September 11 as I thought it would be a good change for me to start living in a new country for a fresh start on my birthday.

Talk soon, Sarah x

Accidental blogger?



I have been thinking about writing a blog for awhile now, I decided to stop putting it off and saying I’ll do it one day. I’m writing this for myself but maybe helping someone else to not make the same mistakes I’ve made along the adventure I’ve lived transitioning from a teenager into an adult in the “real” world.

You may ask what this blog is about? I am not what you would imagine as a typical blogger. I don’t have model looks or a wardrobe to die for. I’m a young Aussie who is currently living abroad in the UK. This blog will be about the experiences I have had in the moving process, adapting to a foreign country but also about my day to day life.

You can read more about me here. I would love to hear your feedback.

Sarah x

About Me



Hey! I’m Sarah aka Sar, Saw or James (I’ll tell you the story some other time)

I see this blog as a way of decluttering my life from the “stuff”  that’s filling my brain. It could be an idea for a place to travel, a new restaurant to go eat at or just trying a new experience like seeing a concert in a different country (I can definitely tick this off the list as I live in London). Instead of calling it my bucket list it is more like a very long to do list.

I’m gradually getting older but still feel young at heart. I think this is my way of preserving my youth and also giving me a way to look back on some of the achievements I have made or will make of the coming days, months and hopefully years.

A little background info on me; I was born and raised in Sydney, Australia on the Northern Beaches. I made the decision to move half way across the world to live in London and to follow one of my dreams of living and working overseas.  I love music in general and have a very diverse taste in music. I think that surprises most people as I love bands in general but more specifically “boy bands” I prefer to call them bands and I’ll discuss that topic of bands versus boy bands in another blog entry. I love to travel and feel like I haven’t seen enough of the world yet.  I love to read a good book but also love reading fan fiction.

All I need to be happy is a good playlist, a book to read and a little sunshine. Let’s see where this adventure takes us.

Sarah x

My journey into adulthood, one step at a time