Packing my Moving Boxes

I have had the joy of packing everything I have accumulated in just under two years into boxes in order to ship it all home. I knew I had a lot of clothes and souvenirs to send home but I didn’t know how many boxes and what size I would need to send it back to Sydney.

Thankfully a friend of mine who moved back to Australia last year she gave me some advice on companies to use. I found the cheapest and most reliable service that provides a door to door service. (The last thing I need is to organise for a company to pick them up from the port in Sydney)image

I had my empty boxes delivered two weeks ago to my front door. It started to sink in that in a couple of months I will no longer live in London but I’ll be back reunited with my family and friends. I have called London home for so long that it will always be in my heart and I have a constant reminder on my wrist

Ever wondered how much stuff one person can buy and accumulate in just under two years …….
image image imageimage image

I ended using only 13 boxes much less than the 30 I had ordered. I packed everything I owned minus a very small amount of clothes and other possessions into my boxes and sealed them ready for collection.


It was sad to say goodbye to my boxes as they held so many good memories inside them in the form of Christmas and birthday presents to band merchandise from nearly every concert I have been to in the past two years. It’s safe to say I will be like a little kid in a candy store when I am finally reunited with my boxes back in Sydney and I start to unpack them (not entirely sure where that will be – potentially a new house in Australia).

imageSlowly one by one the courier carried them out of my room and placed them in his van. Once I only had a few boxes to go did it set in that I won’t see my stuff for three months.

imageAll gone …..


The sight of seeing my floor again and having this large empty space in my room was a shock that I will learn to get used to. The space had held storage containers prior to my moving boxes and now it’s just empty. My room along with my wardrobe feel rather empty. It’s just one of the many steps I had to take in preparing for my big move back to Sydney.

I had done the move across London twice now for a new flat and that’s not easy but when your possessions have doubled if not more since you arrived in London back in September 2013 your only answer is sending your boxes across the world via a shipping container. (Yes, one of my friends joked I would need a whole container for my stuff)

Let’s see what London throws at me over the coming months.

Talk soon,

Sarah x

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