Looking in my bag

If you asked, a man what is inside their wives/girlfriends/sisters or female friends bags you will most likely receive the answer the kitchen sink. This got me thinking what do I always carry with me and do I really need these items or is it like my safety blanket.
While living in Sydney I would always carry a handbag if I went out this soon changed when I moved to London. When I first lived in London, I use to carry around a bag that went across my body. This is always recommend to avoid your bag being stolen or for pickpockets. I found that my bags only last a matter of weeks because the strap would always break because I had too much stuff or as my friends says junk in my bag. This did not stop me from shoving as much as I could into my bag. I then progressed onto using a back for two reasons; 1. It was easy to use because it distributed the weight of my bag across both of my shoulders and 2. It was easier to carry my camera bag in a backpack then on my shoulder. So getting back to what is in my bag, let’s take a look in my bag.
• iPad – I read on the bus to and from work and my books are on my iPad.
• Wallet / Clutch – I have found a love for an oversized wallet that doubles as a clutch for a night out.
• Contact Lens Case & Eye Drops – I wear contacts when I don’t wear my glasses
• Glasses – When I am tired or don’t feel like wearing my contacts
• Multiple pens – self explanatory
• Small notepad
• Spare Oyster Card – Just in case I lose, mine and I do not need to worry about buying a new one.
• Sunglasses – I may live in London but the glare is what kills you.
• Hand cream – self explanatory
• Apple Lightning cable x 2 different lengths
• Power plug for usb cable
• Battery pack
• Tissues
• Lip balm
• Lip Gloss
• Fitbit charger
• Headphones
• Headphone splitter
Do I need everything on a daily; probably not but I use most things a couple of times a week and therefore think I should keep them in my bag.

Would love to hear what your must have items in your bag.

Talk soon, Sarah x

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