Less than 36 hours in Berlin

What can you do when you have less than two full days in Berlin you may ask? I did not have a stopover in Berlin but I had booked on my two days off from work to go to Berlin for a concert. I believe if you have a time restriction on how long you are in a city than you need to be organised.

To maximise your time in Berlin try for the first flight into Berlin and leave late the following day. Berlin is such a beautiful city and I would recommend it to anyone interested in history. My top five things to do in Berlin are:
1. Visit the Berlin Wall – The large majority of the wall no longer stands but you can still walk along a portion that is sill standing. The serenity that goes with the wall gives you an uneasy feeling.
2. Checkpoint Charlie – The well known border crossing from East Germany to West Germany during the Cold War.
3. Berlin Zoo – One of the most visited Zoo’s in Europe and for a very good reason. I did not have time to head inside but from the reviews I have read and the map of the zoo it looks well worth your time.
4. Brandenburg Gate – An iconic landmark of Germany not just Berlin.
5. Walking Tour – it is highly likely that you would visit the sites I mentioned on this tour but they are worth spending extra time visiting at your own leisure. The walking tour will provide you a very good overview of what the city has to offer in a very short time.

I was lucky enough to stay at the Intercontinental Berlin for my one night in this wonderful city. There must be a perk of working in the hotel industry.  The hotel looks impressive from the outside but once you are inside the building it’s simply stunning and well worth it’s five star status.

Berlin is rich in history and I would recommend it as a place to visit and add to the bucket list.

Talk soon,

Sarah x

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