High heels vs Hightops

This post isn’t about how girly you are but what situation is it appropriate to wear your Hightops and when you should be wearing your high heels.

First thing in the morning I make a decision on what shoes I’m going to wear based on what my plans are for that day. 90% of the time I’m off to work and that’s when I want to be comfortable. My next decision is which Hightops to wear, this is based on what the weather is looking like and what I plan to wear that day.

If you are like me where you need to wear heels for your job then you would also know that your feet need a rest and that is why I choose to wear my comfortable hightops. I know back in Sydney that you would find the majority of women wearing their trainers to and from work for that exact reason.  If I know I’m attending an event or going out with my friends for a night out I’m more than happy to put my heels on and dance the night away.  I know by the end of the night I will want to take my heels off so I always pack a pair of flats to put on at the end of the night.

I don’t understand how someone can wear heels all day while out shopping, yes you may look stylish but how do you put your feet through that pain? I know some say that heels are comfortable to wear and yes I actually enjoy wearing them work purposes but I also some days would like to wear ballet flats instead.  I own a variety of heels for the purpose of going out for a night out and not for everyday wear purposes.

I am a no fuss kind of woman, I don’t like to put too much time or effort into how I dress unless I’m going out for a special occasion where I am more than happy to spend an hour or more on getting ready. What kind of woman are you? Do you go for comfort or appearance?

Talk soon, Sarah x

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