Chessington World of Adventures


Chessington World of Adventures is Chessington Zoo, Chessington Theme Park and the Sea Life Centre all in the one location and you pay for all three in the one ticket price. Chessington World of Adventure is one of the attractions which is part of the Annual Merlin Pass. Luckily one of my work friends had told me about the Merlin Pass and once I had done some research I though it was worth the money. The annual pass for an Adult is currently £169 but if you use it wisely them it’s well worth. For example: Chessington costs £46, Madame Tussauds costs £30 and the London Eye costs £20. I have lost count on how many times I have been on the London Eye but it would be close to ten times already and I have been to Madame Tussauds already three times. Just between those two attractions I have  paid for my pass. There is 31 attractions across the UK which you can use your pass at.

Yesterday, my friend Nessa and I on our day off together (it’s rare we get days off together without prior planning) we decided to use our pass and go to a theme park. You can use your pass at three different theme parks and knowing Nessa does not like roller coasters we decided to head to the family friendly Chessington World of Adventures.
Train to Chessington
I have never been a big fan of roller coasters but last year I went to a theme park with my brother, sister-in-law and her cousin and I conquered my fear of roller coasters. Yesterday I wanted to see if I could continue to conquer my fear without having someone dragging me onto the ride. Nessa was happy to sit and laugh at how scared I get when on rides. She also taped two of the rides I was on to show my family back home.

Weather forecasted for 31 degrees and it definitely reached that if not hotter. Perfect day to spend it outside in the sun.

Notice this screenshot was taken at 5:14 pm and I’m sure it was hotter earlier in the afternoon.


First ride of the day was the Bubble Works, as you can see I dragged Nessa on and let’s say it wasn’t scary at all (I think it was a kids ride). It was a very calm water ride with a very small drop at the end. Even Nessa didn’t complain about it once she got off.  We then headed off for a quick bite to eat before I ventured onto the Vampire ride by myself with Nessa waiting below in the beautiful sunshine.


It looks like I am actually enjoying the Vampire ride but maybe I’m just laughing at how scared I actually was while on the ride. I went on a few more rides while laughing and screaming by myself. Earlier in the day Ness had said she would go on Dragon Falls with me but probably would close her eyes. I think the picture below is pretty self-explanatory with Ness crouched down behind me holding on for dear life. I was so proud that she came on this ride as she had seen what it was like and knew she would probably hate it. In the end we survived and right after this photo was taken we were both laughing our heads off because we didn’t get soaked like all the previous people who had just gotten off this log ride. Little did we know that there were water pistols where people could pay a pound and soak you. We ended up soaked like the rest of those who had been on the ride previously but it was a nice way to cool down from the intense English heat.


I believe I have become a wild child because only a few years ago you would need to pay me to go near a roller coaster now I am more willing to try them and scream my lungs out while trying.


The two of us had a fun day out during an English summers day (supposedly the hottest in a decade) and we hope to do it again one day.

Talk Soon, Sarah x

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