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365 Notes


I have always wanted to do this but never dedicated enough time for it. With getting myself ready to ship my boxes home I thought now is the best time to do it. I plan to complete writing the 365 notes and then I ship it home and along with all my other possessions when I finally open the jar I will have something interesting to share with my family and it will prompt many a conversation on what I have written.

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Throwback – Final Countdown

This post is looking back on my steps to the big move to the UK.

10/0713 – I started counting down to the “big move” it was 2 months until my flight to the other side of the world to start an unforgettable adventure.

image London 😍

It seems so surreal that I only had 2 months left with my family and friends in Sydney. There was still plenty of things I wanted to do before I moved to London.

12/07/13 – I sent off my visa application, I was extremely nervous when sending this off, that I gave it a good luck kiss. I placed the envelope in the mail and just hoped for the best. It was going to be a long two week wait, to find out if I was granted my visa.

23/07/13 – I picked the mail up from the post office. Amongst the mail was an express post letter addressed to me. I was extremely excited but nervous what it contained inside. I opened the envelope but found only my passport inside. I was confused there was nothing else with my passport letting me know if I was granted my visa, on closer inspection I found my visa stamped inside. It was official I had a VISA to work and live in the UK.

My visa was a Tier 5 – Youth Mobility Visa, it was a two year visa that allowed me to live and work in the UK but I could also enter and exit the country with no restrictions. Of course being the smart young adult I was when applying for my visa, I did not know when the start date should be for my visa. I chose my birthday, September 11 as I thought it would be a good change for me to start living in a new country for a fresh start on my birthday.

Talk soon, Sarah x