365 Notes


I have always wanted to do this but never dedicated enough time for it. With getting myself ready to ship my boxes home I thought now is the best time to do it. I plan to complete writing the 365 notes and then I ship it home and along with all my other possessions when I finally open the jar I will have something interesting to share with my family and it will prompt many a conversation on what I have written.

I’m writing quotes and lyrics that inspire me or have a meaning in my heart. The memories and experiences from the past 21 months of living abroad. Normally you would be writing these notes for a friend or love one so you would write the things you love about them but instead as I’m writing this for myself I am writing short facts about myself. On top of the 365 notes in the jar I am writing down some of my dreams for the future, places I want to visit and some activities and experiences I want to complete over the coming months and years.

Has anyone done this for a loved one and how has it turned out?

Talk Soon, Sarah x

One thought on “365 Notes”

  1. i’ve always wanted to do this! not as such as a put a note in each day for 365 days but like a memory jar where i just write a memory down that i want to remember and then i open it at the end of the year! 🙂

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